Version Control

Using Git for Unity Projects

Using Git for version control in a Unity project requires a small amount of initial setup, but it can all be done quickly using the command-line client. This article covers initializing a new project using Git with Large File Storage (LFS) to handle the substantial number of binary files required by game development. 

Git Clients for Unity Projects

One of the nice things about using Git for version control on a Unity project is the large number of free and paid clients to choose from. In this article, I'll review a few of the options that I've tried while working on past projects. 

Version Control Options for Unity Projects

There are several version control options available when working on Unity projects. In this article, I'll review a few of the ones that I have used in the past and discuss the option I finally chose for my current project. If you're not already using some form of version control for your project, I strongly recommend giving at least one of these a try!