A Batch glTF & FBX Exporter for Blender

When making several related models, especially those that share texture space, I find it much easier to work on them in a single Blender file. Unfortunately, this can make exporting each object to individual files more difficult and error-prone. This add-on makes exporting multiple objects at once a single click for both glTF and FBX, and additional formats can be added quite easily if desired.

While Blender's FBX exporter does have some functionality for batch exporting, the glTF exporter is currently lacking this feature. So after researching how to call Blender's built-in exporters from Python, I decided to write my own batch exporter. With it and the custom glTF importer for Unity that I previously wrote, it is now possible to automate several import settings (such as collider configuration) based on custom properties assigned to objects in Blender.

More information and details on how to install the add-on can be found on the add-on's GitHub repository.

Known Issues

  • Vertex Colors: Several add-ons (such as UV Packmaster) may create additional vertex color arrays to store data and Blender's glTF exporter is/was exporting all of these arrays if the Vertex Color option is enabled. Blender 3.2 changed how vertex colors work (they're now called Color Attributes), so hopefully this will be resolved soon. (Also note that creating Color Attributes while in Edit Mode currently appears to crash Blender.)